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mjc: case study
Tesco, HFSS (High Fat Salt Sugar) project

HFSS (High Fat Salt Sugar) was a high-profile government-backed project involving 90+ Tesco stores with an aim to minimise the amount of high fat, salt, and sugar products the public are subjected to as they enter a store. 

As a result, all the high-fat, salt, and sugar products were moved beyond a minimum of a 15-metre radius of the store’s entrance.  This involved the movement of various shelving, Costa Coffee machines, and Krispy Crème units which resulted in terrazzo floor repairs, extensive plumbing, and general decorations of these new areas.

MJC completed this project of 90+ stores to budget and within the three-month deadline. We were then awarded the HFSS Phase 2 project of approximately 60 stores which involved the installation of new snacking fridges at the front of each store. This required fixture and shelving movements, resulting in new electrical supplies and new infill panels to the redundant space. These were also completed on time and within budget.

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